Why QBO?

quickbooks-online-logo-qbo-logoQuickbooks Online (“QBO”) is one of several players in the cloud accounting space focused on SMBs. I made a conscious decision late last year to support just one package. A marketing friend of mine calls that “niche marketing”, and this niche is where I’ll play because it feels like home.

Why QBO?

Canadian Focus

Intuit has a Canadian Head Office, a Canadian version, has Canadian staff and supports Canadian entrepreneurship.

Most other packages have an international or generic version of their software that can be tweaked to Canadian reality. Support is also outside of Canada. Pricing is in Canadian Dollars (unlike many competing products).

Quickbooks Ecosystem

The desktop version of Quickbooks has been synonymous with SMB accounting software for a long time in Canada. QBO may not look and feel like the desktop version, but it’s Quickbooks through and through.

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Community

Intuit has supported the “advisor” community for a long time in Canada. To be certified as a Quickbooks ProAdvisor involves training and exams. The ProAdvisor community in Canada is vast and generous. Also very sociable. Through Intuit supported messageboards and enthusiast sites on LinkedIn and Facebook, if I don’t have an answer to a question my client, someone in my network will, and quickly too. I have befriended many ProAdvisors from all over the world, and the Canadian contingent is especially amazing. I learn something new from these people every day.

App Ecosystem

The available apps for QBO are vast and growing all the time. With the demand for QBO increasing, app developers are creating tools to tailor QBO to YOUR business. There is no “one size fits all” approach to deploying QBO in your company.


As before, Intuit has a Canadian office and a vast network of Quickbooks experts throughout Canada. Engaging a ProAdvisor to help your business is money well spent.

I am passionate about all things Quickbooks. Whether it is QBO or desktop versions of Quickbooks, I have you covered. Contact me today to talk about your business and how I can help you transform the way you run it. Quickbooks is more than just accounting software. I can show you how.

Call me today at (403) 512-3939 or email to info@bradcelmainis.com

See the Intuit QBO page -> here for more info on this game-changing software.

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