QBO – I’m Now Advanced!

QBO Advanced

It’s been a whirlwind month since I got back from QB Connect in San Jose, California almost a month to the day. To say I drank a lot of “QBO Kool-Aid” down there would be an understatement.

I use Quickbooks Online (“QBO”) to run my own business. I’ve been a fan since I got “QBO Certified” in the summer of 2014.

Intuit recently announced an “Advanced” level of certification. It rolled out in the U.S. first and the ball started rolling on the Canadian equivalent recently.

I was told the exam was tough. I’ve written a few “hard” exams in my professional career (there is this little test called the “UFE” that comes to mind). This test definitely was a challenge.

Intuit sponsored some in-person training earlier this week and I wrote the exam yesterday. How hard could it be?

Long story short, after banging my head against the wall I got it done and now it’s time to run with it.

QBO really is a great way to manage a business. I’ve just begun to scratch the surface, but in 2016 I plan to show my clients (past, present, and future) how QBO and the many apps available that work with QBO can be used to tailor the software to your business and how you work.

Don’t get me started on how going paperless can benefit your business.

A HUGE thank you to Intuit for showing faith in me, to the many QBO Ninjas in my network (you know who you are), and especially my most excellent network here in Calgary. I could never be where I am today without the support and friendship of so many in the great city of Calgary.

Being an entrepreneur should be fun and it has been.

Contact me today to learn more at (403) 512-3939 or info@bradcelmainis.com if you want to have some fun with your accounting too.

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