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Brad Celmainis Accounting Solutions

New Name Same Focus

Since I started my company in July 2013, I have evolved from a numbered company with a very general focus to a Professional Corporation as a “Professional Services Provider” with CPA Alberta.

These changes have allowed me to be more flexible in how I deal with my clients.

In the summer of 2014, I spent a lot of time with marketing specialists in my network. They taught me about concepts such as “niche marketing” and how to tighten my message.

While operating as “Brad Celmainis Consulting” has served me well, I got tired of answering the “what kind of consulting is it at you do?” question.

Recently, I met my friend Danilo Terra of Leasex Financial for a beer. He showed me a new re-branded initiative he had undertaken for one of his companies and I told him I wanted to consider something similar.

While I’m not quite ready for a full-on re-brand, I wanted to ditch the “Consulting” part of my brand for a while.

I fully credit Dan with coming up with “Brad Celmainis Accounting Solutions”.

Solving accounting-related problems through process and technology is what I do and have always done well.  I am not a tax guy. I am not a year-end guy.

As a Part-time CFO and a passionate Quickbooks ProAdvisor, I live for helping businesses take control of their accounting and make it enjoyable.

Yes, enjoyable.

I recently helped a client convert two Sage based systems to “Quickbooks Enterprise”.

I watched their company transform before my eyes. The two owners became much more engaged in their business and their stress levels seemed to diminish. They had a tough year leading up to the conversion, including a well-publicized failure of a business unit.

The owners manage well respected and recognized brands in Calgary. Now they have the tools to manage their carefully considered growth plan and move forward.

Quickbooks Enterprise is a huge part of this plan.

I am now known as Brad Celmainis Accounting Solutions, but not much has changed. I live to serve my clients and I live to see them succeed by embracing their accounting function, especially through the Quickbooks ecosystem.

Contact me today at or (403) 512-3939 to find out how I can show you how to love YOUR accounting system too.

Whether it is Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop, I have your back.

Now accepting new clients and projects.

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