Brad Celmainis – Part-Time CFO to Calgary SMBs

What are SMBs?

Small to Medium-sized Businesses (aka Small to Medium-sized Enterprises or SMEs)

Per Industry Canada:

  • Small business: < 100 employees (if goods-producing) or < 50 (if service-based)
  • Medium-sized business: < 500 employees

 How can Part-Time CFO services benefit your SMB?

Outsourced CFOAll enterprises require strength in accounting, finance, strategic planning and operational processes. SMBs are often weak in these areas but are not in a financial position to hire an experienced full-time Controller or CFO. Why not rent that experience and work within your budget?  Whether you are a startup or an established business, the ROI of hiring an experienced accounting professional is high.

Simply put, good businesses do not have bad accounting.

Do these issues plague your SMB?

  • Financial reporting is slow, error-ridden and confusing
  • You’re working IN your business, not ON your business
  • Cash flow is weak even though sales are strong
  • You don’t have a backup plan for your accounting data

This is just scratching the surface. Weak accounting systems and processes hold a company back in many ways.

Get control of your business through common sense and cost-effective accounting solutions. This includes QuickBooks Online (“QBO”); Canada’s most popular cloud accounting platform.

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 Who is Brad Celmainis?

Brad has over twenty-five years’ experience as a Chartered Accountant. He is also an Intuit Quickbooks ProAdvisor. Brad spent much of his post-qualification career working for privately-held SMBs in senior management and executive roles before starting his consulting business in July 2013. Brad spent much of early career time “in the trenches”, in challenging environments often with working capital challenges. He is an affable professional who does not try to bog you down with terminology and buzzwords. Brad is no-nonsense and will tell it like it is. His ability to reach out to everyone from the CEO to the cleaning staff is well known. » Read More

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